Carol Ofori

Carol Ofori

Carol currently lives between Johannesburg, and Durban and is willing to travel for work.

Carol is an accomplished and highly regarded voice-over artist, radio presenter, TV presenter, author, and master of ceremonies. With a career spanning over 15 years, she has achieved numerous accolades and notable experiences.

In 2023, Carol received the prestigious SOVAS (Society of Voice Artists and Sciences) award, often dubbed the “Oscar for voices,” in the “Africa radio” category. This recognition highlights her exceptional talent and contributions to the industry. She has lent her voice to various significant events and shows throughout her career. For instance, Carol has been the voice of the South African Music Awards, Miss South Africa voice of god, and the MTV MAMA’s voice. She has also voiced many beloved brands such as Cell C, Game, Standard Bank, Dstv, Protex, Parmalat, 947, and KFM.

Not limited to voice-over work, Carol is also a Disney character who portrays the role of Manomi in Disney Plus’s first African anthology series called “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire.” This demonstrates her versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

Aside from her voice-over success, Carol has excelled as a radio presenter and TV presenter. She hosted the SABC Talk show “Raising Babies 101” for two seasons and has worked on various radio shows broadcasted on stations like 947, Radio 2000, Metro FM, and East Coast Radio. Hosting her own radio show on East Coast Radio from 9 am to 12 pm, she has earned the endearing nickname “daytime diva” from her fans.

Carol’s skills extend beyond broadcasting and entertainment. She is a skilled master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, and facilitator. She has presided over numerous events, including East Coast Radio’s business breakfasts, the KZN top business awards, the Face of Oceans Mall competition, and Soroptimist International events.

Furthermore, Carol is a published author of the children’s book series titled “African Adventures of Sena and Katlego.” The books, published by Lingua Franca Publishers, are available at leading stores and online at Amazon and Takealot. This initiative showcases her creativity and commitment to engaging with young readers.

In partnership with East Coast Radio, Carol launched “The Carol Ofori Podcast” in 2023. The podcast features conversations with seasoned professionals who share their experiences and insights or ordinary people with interesting stories to tell. This platform allows Carol to showcase her interviewing skills and engage with a diverse range of guests.

Carol holds two degrees—a journalism degree from the University of Johannesburg and a postgraduate degree in marketing management from the Vega School. Her educational background complements her professional achievements, enabling her to excel in her field.

Throughout her career, Carol has had numerous memorable moments. She has been a weekly columnist for the Witness newspaper in KwaZulu-Natal and contributed to SOUL magazine with a monthly dedicated feature. She has interviewed notable figures such as President Nelson Mandela, Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, and American rapper Lil Kim. Additionally, she has won a Liberty Radio Award and delivered a keynote address at the international Essence Festival in Durban, among other accomplishments.

Overall, Carol Ofori is an accomplished and multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to the voice-over industry, broadcasting, literature, and event hosting. Her versatility, professionalism, and engaging presence have solidified her reputation as one of Africa’s prominent media personalities.

For bookings or more information on Carol, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Carol Ofori - English Bright - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Bright 2 - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Conversational Dramatic - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Conversational Quirky - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Conversational Soft - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Corporate - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Corporate Energetic - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Corporate Sell - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Dramatic - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Hard Sell - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Hard Sell 2 - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Intimate - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Radio Imaging - OSM Talent
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Natasha Loring

Natasha Loring

Natasha Loring a multi award-winning actress and voiceover artist born in Johannesburg and is currently based between South Africa and Los Angeles. Natasha was singing, dancing and acting from a very early age. Being the daughter of successful South African theatre producer, Richard Loring, she grew up in and around the Entertainment industry and has always been passionate about performing and telling stories.

She got her first local break, cast as the romantic lead in a South African feature film, HITCHHIKER, while still at school. She went on to study at AFDA Cape Town and soon after was cast in the Sony Film, THE NATALEE HOLLOWAY STORY, for the Lifetime Movie Network. The production became the highest rated movie in the network’s 11-year history and received a Prism Award.

Highlights from her Film and TV work include:

- Winning a 2022 SAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress in DAM.

- Working with Director and Executive Producer, Alik Sakharov (Sopranos, Ozark) for her role in APPLE TV's Invasion.

- Lead in the E4 series, BEAVER FALLS in the UK (where she resided for 3 years)

- BBC’s WOMEN IN LOVE with Rosamund Pike.

- Film Premiere at the prestigious Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for BROKEN STAR, alongside Analeigh Tipton.

- Pathé feature ZULU with Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker (closing film at 2013 Cannes Film Festival.)

- StudioCanal feature, THE DINOSAUR PROJECT, with worldwide cinema release.

In Los Angeles, Natasha is actively sought after for her skill in voicing video game characters. Notable performances include: STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC; TELLTALE’S GAME OF THRONES; LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, CALL OF DUTY and MINECRAFT STORY MODE. At the 2018 SOVAS Awards In Los Angeles, Natasha was nominated for “Best Voice Over” in video game, TACOMA.

Natasha dreams of opening a production company one day to fund passion projects, whilst continuing to act, write and travel the world.

For bookings or more information on Natasha, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Natasha Loring - English American Accent - Animation
Natasha Loring - English American Accent - Young Adult
Natasha Loring - English American Accent - Corporate
Natasha Loring - English British Accent - Character
Natasha Loring - English - Conversational Showcase 1
Natasha Loring - English - Conversational Showcase 2
Natasha Loring - English - Real South African Accent
Natasha Loring - English - Bright 1
Natasha Loring - English - Conversational
Natasha Loring - English - Dramatic
Natasha Loring - English Audio Book - The Alchemist - OSM Talent
Natasha Loring - English Audio Book - Zoo City Lauren Beukes - OSM Talent
Natasha Loring - English Promo Showcase - OSM Talent
Natasha Loring - English Showcase - OSM Talent
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Phathiswa Magangane – NY, USA

Phathiswa Magangane - NY, USA

Phathiswa Magangane is an up-and-coming singer/song-writer, voice-over artist, presenter and MC originating from the small town of Springs in Johannesburg.  She currently resides in New York, USA after graduating with a BMus in Vocal Jazz Performance at UCT.

While at UCT, Phathiswa won the presenter search for Hectic-Nine9 and co-hosted the UCT YouTube show: You See TV. She also joined campus radio as a newsreader.

Phathiswa has entered and won her fair share of singing competitions since university including; the UCT Jazz Voices, The ArtScape Youth Jazz Showcase and the song-writing competition LiquiFruit #FeelFullyAlive, currently showcased on SA TV.

Phathiswa lends her cool, sophisticated voice to various brands as a voice artist. She is the consummate professional in studio and able to take direction well from agency and client.

Phathiswa is also featured on the musical intro track for ETV’s new drama series Harvest.

For bookings or more information on Phathiswa, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Phathiswa Magangane - English Conversational 1
Phathiswa Magangane - English Conversational 2
Phathiswa Magangane - English Corporate 1
Phathiswa Magangane - English Corporate 2
Phathiswa Magangane - English Hardsell
Phathiswa Magangane - English Softsell
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Nic Huddy – USA

Nic Hudson Murdoch - USA

Nick studied Special FX and Sound Design at the South African School of Film, Television and Dramatic Arts in Johannesburg. With a passion for performing as well as working behind the scenes, he would often take small roles in student films and theatrical productions that he was crewing, causing much confusion for the grading bodies.

Nick started a career in standup comedy, combining music and impressions into his set and egged on by Tony Stewart at the Funny Farm who brought him into the weekly Thursday Night lineup. He later joined Joe Parker’s ranks and was a regular face on the Parker Comedy Tours, performing weekly at such venues as Carnival City, Emperor’s Palace, Roxy’s and the Junxion. This led to him doing celebrity impressions on the occasional radio spot and kickstarting a career in voiceover. During the day, he continued to work behind the scenes as the founder of Santa’s Workshop – a 3D animation and visual FX studio based in Johannesburg.

After completing filming on “Gums and Noses”, a feature presentation for M-Net, Nick accepted a position at Fox Studios Australia where he worked as a render artist in their Sydney offices. It was here that he met Nick Tate, a prominent voice actor who became his mentor in the commercial voiceover world and helped him to develop a client list, many of whom he still serves today. Determined not to work in a small, dark office for the rest of his career, Nick left Fox and returned to South Africa where he reestablished himself as a musician and an actor.

As an actor, Nick appeared in a few local and internationally flighted commercials, including the Simon Malls Gift Card campaigns in the US and the revitalized Lunch Bar ads locally. As a musician, he scored many of the tv shows and commercials on the air, including The Spirit of Africa Trophy, Love & Mortar and Rapt on SABC. He joined Stok, a musical theatre group, as a performer and composer where he appeared in several productions around the country. All throughout, he continued to work in voiceover, establishing himself as a character actor, promo voice and announcer, and lending his voice to many advertising and promotional campaigns around the world. Nick is now working in animation again, but this time behind the microphone. He is a student of Charlie Adler in Los Angeles and is voicing characters in several upcoming animated projects.

For bookings or more information on Nic, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Nic Hudson Murdoch - English Conversational
Nic Hudson Murdoch - English Corporate
Nic Hudson Murdoch - English Hardsell
Nic Hudson Murdoch - English Softsell
Nic Hudson Murdoch - VO Demo Showreel
Nick Hudson Murdoch - American Demo
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Marc Chase

Marc Chase

A South African English Voiceover with a Neutral accent that's warm, smooth and clearly spoken.

Friendly, authoritative, clear, dynamic, serious or fresh. A voice that delivers results.

A career spanning over 20 years in the fields of Radio, Television, Commentary & Voiceovers.

From Promos, e-Learning, Internet, TV and Radio Ads to Imaging & Corporate Videos.

Available for your Voiceover project remotely with Live Direction when needed.

For bookings or more information on Marc, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Marc Chase - English Bright
Marc Chase - English Conversational NEW
Marc Chase - English Conversational
Marc Chase - English Corporate
Marc Chase - English Corporate
Marc Chase - English Corporate
Marc Chase - English Corporate
Marc Chase - English Dramatic NEW
Marc Chase - English Intimate NEW
Marc Chase - English Soft Sell
Marc Chase - English TV Promo
Marc Chase - English Character - Young Male
Marc Chase - English Showcase Promo
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Janna Ramos-Violante

Janna Ramos-Violante

Janna relocated to Salzburg, Austria in January 2017 with access to a studio with IDSN facilities if needed.

2005 with a B.A in Drama & Performance studies and German translation. She has since been working professionally as an actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, writer and producer in Durban and Johannesburg. Standout roles include Cecile in Dangerous Liaisons (Best Newcomer Durban Theatre Awards Nomination), Catherine in Boston Marriage (Winner of best comedy Actress and Best Supporting Actress Durban Theatre Awards), Carol in Oleanna (Best Actress nomination Durban Theatre Awards), Adelaide in Guys and Dolls (Best Lead Actress in a Musical), Emilia in Othello, Suzette in Don’t Dress for Dinner (winner of best Comedy and Best Actress Durban Theatre Awards) and Vanda in Venus and Fur (Best Actress 2013). In 2005 she formed the theatre company ‘Fett Diva Productions’ with friend Josette Eales and produced such works as Agnes of God , Night Mother, the Lover and Sally and Marshsa. In 2010 Janna formed her own theatre company ‘Thinskin’ which debuted with an original penned by herself, Mein Soldat.

It premiered at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival where it won Ovation Award this provided a spring board for it to be seen at the Hilton Arts Festival and the Playhouse New Stages Festival. The play was also nominated for best new South African script, best Actress, best Actor, best Newcomer and best Director at the 2010 Durban Theatre awards.

She also founded the ‘I Heart’ Durban Theatre festival where her new play, Cullum’s War, was debuted. The festival was for the development of new South African Theatre and created a platform for new scripts to be staged. Based on its success at the I Heart, Cullum’s War went on to have other runs around the country for 2years.

2012 started with the role of Suzette in the comedy, Don’t Dress for Dinner and ended with a move to Johannesburg. It has been a great move and full new opportunity. Janna spent 2013 touring Don’t Dress for Dinner and Venus in Fur, producing her play Phobic and a production of John Patrick Shanley’s, Doubt, directed by James Cuningham, and made a guest appearance on popular TV series The Wild.

For bookings or more information on Janna, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Janna Ramos-Violante - English Bright 1
Janna Ramos-Violante - English Bright 2
Janna Ramos-Violante - English Conversational 2
Janna Ramos-Violante - English Corporate
Janna Ramos-Violante - English HardSell 1
Janna Ramos-Violante - English HardSell 2
Janna Ramos-Violante - English SoftSell
Janna Ramos-Violante - English SoftSell 1
Janna Ramos-Violante - English Conversational British Accent
Janna Ramos-Violante - English Corporate British Accent
Janna Ramos-Violante - English SoftSell American Accent
Janna Ramos-Violante - English SoftSell British Accent 2
Janna Ramos-Violante - English SoftSell British Accent
Janna Ramos-Violante German Demo
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Fikile ‘Fix’ Moeti

Fikile 'Fix' Moeti

About Fikile Moeti

Fikile Moeti, commonly known as "Fix" is a well-known South African Radio presenter; DJ and TV Personality turned Social Entrepreneur.

Fix, made MTV history when she became the first female VJ on ‘MTV networks Africa’. The entrepreneurial beauty has graced our screens on the African continent since 2006 when she won a nationwide competition to become MTV base’s first female VJ presenter. Since then the multi-talented entertainer also joined South Africa’s No.1 Commercial radio station, 5FM - hosting the Forbes & Fix Show and becoming a household name on daytime radio.

Fix The Social Entreprenuer

Constantly striving to enhance herself as an Entrepreneur, Fix went back to school, studying Small Business/ Entrepreneurship at both Columbia College Chicago and New York University, after 6 years in the entertainment industry. Fix continued her studies by enrolling at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) for the Social Entrepreneurship Since graduating, she has partnered with GIBS to start a social enterprise called the Fix Scholarship, where she offers educational and leadership opportunities to female social innovators in Africa. Having funded her first two students directly from pocket, 10 years later the programme is a sustainable NPO in partnership with corporate stakeholders and over 30 alumni. In 2022, Fix Scholarship in partnership with Diketo Inclusive Education launched Affirmations For The African Child – an inclusive educational and mental health product to encourage healing for kids, families, classes, clinics and therapy centers.

Fix The DJ

Fix enjoys bringing people together (‘Ubuntu’ as we say in Xhosa culture) and found a way to do just that through her love for music. She bought her first vinyl at the age of 15 and fell inlove with the DJ world later siging up with Soul Candi’s DJ/Record Label. Having lived in the UK at an early age, and later living in the US in her early 20’s, Fix’s DJ sets are elcetic ranging from club/dance classics to soulful, groovy and deep house.

Fix & Mindfulness

Fix began her mindfulness journey in the US in 2010. She is a registered 400 Level Instructor under Yoga Alliance International. She is also a student of Transcendental Meditation, Breath work Africa facilitation and a wellness corporate mentor with Mindful Revolution South Africa.

The serial entrepreneur co-owns a beach bar, resturant & wellness studio titled ‘The Yoga Bar Zanzibar’ and owns Secret Sunrise Zanzibar, a movement of joy, music and dance on the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar. Find out more about the Global Secret Sunrise Movement here:

Under the brand, ‘Self care With Fix’, Fix offers various integrative wellness services including:

Self care ‘Daily Yoga/Meditation’

- Breath work & Meditation (Online)

- Yin Yoga

- Stretch

- Beginners: Vinyasa Flow

- Prenatal Yoga

Self care ‘Yoga Retreat’

A self-investment retreat where mindfulness, music, movement, and nature connect on the white beaches of Zanzibar. Slow down and re-set.

Self care ‘Conscious Leadership Retreat’

Having received her certificate in Conscious Leadership through Sounds True (partnership with NYU Mindful Campus), Fix curates retreats targeted towards socially conscious professionals (entrepreneurs, managers or employees) that want to grow themselves and their companies. Focusing on the inner work to truly create impact on a macro-level.

For bookings or more information on Fix, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Fikile "DJ Fix" MoetiFikile Moeti - English Bright
Fikile "DJ Fix" MoetiFikile Moeti - English Corporate
Fikile "DJ Fix" MoetiFikile Moeti - English Hardsell
Fikile "DJ Fix" MoetiFikile Moeti - English Softsell
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Craig Ross

Craig Ross

How does one begin to describe this talent? Sound Engineer, music producer, Voice Artist / actor and owner of the South African Voice Over Academy (SAVOA.) Craig Ross embodies the art of Voice over. Having over 15 years’ experience behind both the mixing desk and the mic for many big brands this multi-faceted, multi layered human vocal instrument is a breath of fresh air in the voice over world.

Craig brings a unique creativity to each session. Having written a guide book on voice over and becoming an authority on voice over in South Africa Craig's use of unique melodic flows and intricate inflection, tonal nuances and incredible emotional and mechanical connections makes Craig Ross an almost guaranteed success as the audio image or identity for your brand.

What is also fantastic about working with Craig Ross is his ability to record from where ever he is in South Africa and at no studio cost as he believes the studio is part of the voice over package. Having successfully recorded many big brands and TV shows on his own without creatives present Craig has proved time and time again that this revolutionary concept does work and in fact speeds up productivity saves time, money and over all, saves production companies making use of professional voice over artists a lot more affordable.

Working with Craig Ross is a mind-blowing experience. You can literally use him as an instrument, working Craig through multiple directions and trust us, they just keep coming. Craig Ross offers initiative and even more creative value when in session with or without creatives.

Craig's latest work boasts The Narrator for M-Net’s wedding bashers Sunday nights at 5pm. From your deep lyrical and intimate reads to your hardsell buy now, Craig Ross is your guaranteed voice of choice for your next campaign.

For bookings or more information on Craig, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Craig Ross - English Bright
Craig Ross - English Conversational
Craig Ross - English Conversational 2
Craig Ross - English Corporate
Craig Ross - English Corporate
Craig Ross - English Dry
Craig Ross - English Montage of Accents
Craig Ross - English Showcase/Mash up Demo 2021
Craig Ross - English Skill Promo
Craig Ross - English Amercian Neutral Accent - OSM Talent
Craig Ross - English British Neutral Accent - OSM Talent
Craig Ross - Movie Trailer Demo - Amercian Accent - OSM Talent
Craig Ross - Movie Trailer Demo - South African Neutral Accent - OSM Talent
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