Craig Ross

How does one begin to describe this talent? Sound Engineer, music producer, Voice Artist / actor and owner of the South African Voice Over Academy (SAVOA.) Craig Ross embodies the art of Voice over. Having over 15 years’ experience behind both the mixing desk and the mic for many big brands this multi-faceted, multi layered human vocal instrument is a breath of fresh air in the voice over world.

Craig brings a unique creativity to each session. Having written a guide book on voice over and becoming an authority on voice over in South Africa Craig’s use of unique melodic flows and intricate inflection, tonal nuances and incredible emotional and mechanical connections makes Craig Ross an almost guaranteed success as the audio image or identity for your brand.

What is also fantastic about working with Craig Ross is his ability to record from where ever he is in South Africa and at no studio cost as he believes the studio is part of the voice over package. Having successfully recorded many big brands and TV shows on his own without creatives present Craig has proved time and time again that this revolutionary concept does work and in fact speeds up productivity saves time, money and over all, saves production companies making use of professional voice over artists a lot more affordable.

Working with Craig Ross is a mind-blowing experience. You can literally use him as an instrument, working Craig through multiple directions and trust us, they just keep coming. Craig Ross offers initiative and even more creative value when in session with or without creatives.

Craig’s latest work boasts The Narrator for M-Net’s wedding bashers Sunday nights at 5pm. From your deep lyrical and intimate reads to your hardsell buy now, Craig Ross is your guaranteed voice of choice for your next campaign.

For bookings or more information on Craig, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Craig Ross - English Bright
Craig Ross - English Conversational
Craig Ross - English Conversational 2
Craig Ross - English Corporate
Craig Ross - English Corporate
Craig Ross - English Dry
Craig Ross - English Montage of Accents
Craig Ross - English Showcase/Mash up Demo 2021
Craig Ross - English Skill Promo
Craig Ross - English Amercian Neutral Accent - OSM Talent
Craig Ross - English British Neutral Accent - OSM Talent
Craig Ross - Movie Trailer Demo - Amercian Accent - OSM Talent
Craig Ross - Movie Trailer Demo - South African Neutral Accent - OSM Talent