Carol Ofori

Carol Ofori

Carol currently lives between Johannesburg, and Durban and is willing to travel for work.

Carol is an accomplished and highly regarded voice-over artist, radio presenter, TV presenter, author, and master of ceremonies. With a career spanning over 15 years, she has achieved numerous accolades and notable experiences.

In 2023, Carol received the prestigious SOVAS (Society of Voice Artists and Sciences) award, often dubbed the “Oscar for voices,” in the “Africa radio” category. This recognition highlights her exceptional talent and contributions to the industry. She has lent her voice to various significant events and shows throughout her career. For instance, Carol has been the voice of the South African Music Awards, Miss South Africa voice of god, and the MTV MAMA’s voice. She has also voiced many beloved brands such as Cell C, Game, Standard Bank, Dstv, Protex, Parmalat, 947, and KFM.

Not limited to voice-over work, Carol is also a Disney character who portrays the role of Manomi in Disney Plus’s first African anthology series called “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire.” This demonstrates her versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

Aside from her voice-over success, Carol has excelled as a radio presenter and TV presenter. She hosted the SABC Talk show “Raising Babies 101” for two seasons and has worked on various radio shows broadcasted on stations like 947, Radio 2000, Metro FM, and East Coast Radio. Hosting her own radio show on East Coast Radio from 9 am to 12 pm, she has earned the endearing nickname “daytime diva” from her fans.

Carol’s skills extend beyond broadcasting and entertainment. She is a skilled master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, and facilitator. She has presided over numerous events, including East Coast Radio’s business breakfasts, the KZN top business awards, the Face of Oceans Mall competition, and Soroptimist International events.

Furthermore, Carol is a published author of the children’s book series titled “African Adventures of Sena and Katlego.” The books, published by Lingua Franca Publishers, are available at leading stores and online at Amazon and Takealot. This initiative showcases her creativity and commitment to engaging with young readers.

In partnership with East Coast Radio, Carol launched “The Carol Ofori Podcast” in 2023. The podcast features conversations with seasoned professionals who share their experiences and insights or ordinary people with interesting stories to tell. This platform allows Carol to showcase her interviewing skills and engage with a diverse range of guests.

Carol holds two degrees—a journalism degree from the University of Johannesburg and a postgraduate degree in marketing management from the Vega School. Her educational background complements her professional achievements, enabling her to excel in her field.

Throughout her career, Carol has had numerous memorable moments. She has been a weekly columnist for the Witness newspaper in KwaZulu-Natal and contributed to SOUL magazine with a monthly dedicated feature. She has interviewed notable figures such as President Nelson Mandela, Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, and American rapper Lil Kim. Additionally, she has won a Liberty Radio Award and delivered a keynote address at the international Essence Festival in Durban, among other accomplishments.

Overall, Carol Ofori is an accomplished and multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to the voice-over industry, broadcasting, literature, and event hosting. Her versatility, professionalism, and engaging presence have solidified her reputation as one of Africa’s prominent media personalities.

For bookings or more information on Carol, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Carol Ofori - English Bright - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Bright 2 - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Conversational Dramatic - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Conversational Quirky - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Conversational Soft - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Corporate - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Corporate Energetic - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Corporate Sell - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Dramatic - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Hard Sell - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Hard Sell 2 - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Intimate - OSM Talent
Carol Ofori - English Radio Imaging - OSM Talent
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Mamohau Seseane

Mamohau Seseane

While Mamohau sadly does not personally know Charlize Theron, she comes “straight outta” Benoni, on the East Rand of Johannesburg, but now wakes up to much-loved views of Table Mountain. Within the Primedia stable, she has participated in a number of round-table discussions on sister talk radio station, Cape Talk, regarding social issues, as well as completing various voice-over projects. She relishes engaging in intimate conversation with her listeners, accompanied by love jams, on “Kfm Sunday Love Songs with Mamohau”, every Sunday, from 7-10pm.

With a voice described as “golden”, she is an accomplished voice over artist, having lent her voice to many corporate campaigns, TV and radio advertisements and social initiatives, including the Third Inter-ministerial Conference for Health and Environment in Africa. She also serves as the station voice for Gauteng’s biggest commercial talk radio station, 702, as well as CapeTalk. Mamohau thrives as a lifestyle model and performer. Her modelling portfolio exhibits her immense versatility and vibrant personality, having shot campaigns for leading brands including Levi's, Globacom, Nedbank, Pep, Lewis Stores, and Sportsman's Warehouse.

As a sought-after master of ceremonies, her portfolio includes the Sanlam Top Destination Awards, first TEDxStellenbosch Women’s event, Empower Me Women’s Day celebrations, Bubbles & Bliss annual charity event, and the LeadSA Heroes Awards, to name a few. She also masterfully hosts and facilitates dialogues & discussions, including the Chambord Freedom Day Women’s Lunch and Celebrity Power Panel, in conversation with successful celebrity women who are trailblazers in their fields.

While studying at Stellenbosch University, Mamohau was elected Irene Residence’s head of Critical Engagement, First Years, and Welcoming, and pioneered the very first Women Empowerment portfolio in her student community, a reflection of her passion for uplifting women and girls. As a law student, Mamohau is passionate about human rights, women empowerment and social justice. She aspires to truly be a changemaker and broaden access to legal mechanisms to effect tangible change. She has worked at The Justice Desk, an internationally-recognised and award-winning Queen’s Young Leaders human rights NPO. She is also the Vice Curator of the Cape Town Hub of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, a network of young working professionals committed to making a positive impact.

When she’s not working on her diverse career endeavours, Mamohau enjoys the cultural side of life, travelling, adventuring, and experiencing the beauty the world has to offer. She loves being engrossed in a new read while drinking copious amounts of tea, dancing (very badly), trying out new restaurants and cuisine, hiking, playing netball, and doing a “sho’t left” to explore South Africa’s local gems.

Mamohau's multi-talented nature, go-getting spirit and warmth makes her a true asset in any social sphere. Living by the maxim, "Who dares, wins", this young talent is definitely one to watch.

For bookings or more information on Mamohau, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Mamohau Seseane - English Bright 1 - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Bright 2 - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Corporate 1 - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Corporate 2 - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Dramatic - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Hard Sell - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Soft Sell - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - English Soft Sell 2 - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - Afrikaans Corporate Showcase - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - Afrikaans Demo - OSM Talent
Mamohau Seseane - Afrikaans Showcase - OSM Talent
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Siya Ngxambuza

Siya Ngxambuza

Siya Ngxambuza is a copywriter, voice-over artist and published poet who has a passion for animation and writing children’s books.

Before her work as a voice-over artist, she is a journalism graduate that branched into broadcast media and worked as a news anchor for community radio stations such as Rainbow FM and Chai FM.

She made her acting debut in a children’s theatre production in 2016 and an appearance in the South African film Red Cargo. With over five years of experience behind the mic, her bubbly and quirky personality adds to each delivery.

For bookings or more information on Siya, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Siya Ngxambuza - English Bright - OSM Talent
Siya Ngxambuza - English Corporate - OSM Talent
Siya Ngxambuza - Xhosa Conversational - OSM Talent
Siya Ngxambuza - Xhosa Showcase - OSM Talent
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Keorapetse Hlope

Keorapetse Hlope

Keorapetse is a TV & radio presenter, voice artist, producer & reporter.

Keorapetse studied a Bachelor of Science Informatics degree at UNISA, from there she joined the CNN Fellowship and South African Voice Over Academy to further develop her skills.

This award winning news anchor brings over 10 years’ experience to the booth, her voice lends itself to a wide range of scripts, including the widely popular conversational delivery style. Keorapetse is bilingual, namely in Setswana and English as well as able to deliver a Nigerian accent. The warm notes in her voice add a nuance to each delivery. Able to take direction, Keorapetse will be a welcome addition to any brand.

For bookings or more information on Keorapetse, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Keorapetse Hlope - English Conversational 1
Keorapetse Hlope - English Conversational 2
Keorapetse Hlope - English Conversational 3
Keorapetse Hlope - English Corporate 1
Keorapetse Hlope - English Corporate 2
Keorapetse Hlope - English - Nigerian Accent - Corporate
Keorapetse Hlope - Tswana Conversational
Keorapetse Hlope - Tswana SoftSell
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Mukundwa Katuliiba

Mukundwa Katuliiba

Mukundwa wears many creative hats as a voice actor, digital content creator and podcast host. Ugandan born, raised in Swaziland, South Africa and Switzerland, her multicultural upbringing nurtured an irrevocable love for storytelling - which she formalised with a degree in Film and Theatre in England. Her versatile accents and styles have allowed her to work with several high profile clients like UNISA, Avis, MTN and DSTV, and lent her East African accent to international campaigns for organisations like UNFPA, ICPD and Plan International.

Mukundwa’s ethic in voice acting is to elevate her clients’ stories through the kind of nuance, perfection and attention to detail that separates the good from the great.

For bookings or more information on Mukundwa, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Corporate
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Corporate 2
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Hardsell
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Intimate
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Softsell
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English East African Accent Conversational
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English East African Accent Corporate
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Nyakwezi Katuliiba

Nyakwezi Katuliiba

Nyakwezi Katuliiba, an Architect (UCT) by trade forayed into the world of voice acting in 2015 and never looked back. With her range of versatile accents (neutral South African, neutral American and RP British), she quickly made her mark in the South African industry with clients ranging from Cell C, Absa and Pam Golding; as well as abroad with the likes of General Motors, Champion and the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Over the course of her short but impressive career, Nyakwezi’s talent has grown from strength to strength. Her most recent notable work being on SAFM as the narrator of a book reading, “Vagabond” by Lerato Mogoatle directed by Posy Keogh (June 2019) and a main character on the SAFM radio drama “The Paper” directed by Julia Anne Molone (March 2019). Her recent radio appearances include drops for 94.7FM (Appetite Fest - September 2019) as well as numerous adverts on Mix FM, Vaal FM and numerous international radio stations.

Nyakwezi’s appealing and charismatic voice lends to a vast array of styles, from corporate and hard-sell to casual, soft-sell and character work. Voice acting is her passion which shows clearly in her stellar execution of every job she undertakes.

For bookings or more information on Nyakwezi, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English Bright
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English Conversational
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English Corporate
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English Dramatic
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English Intimate
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English SoftSell
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English East African Accent Conversational
Nyakwezi Katuliiba - English East African Accent Intimate
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Natasha Loring

Natasha Loring

Natasha Loring an internationally acclaimed actress and voiceover artist born in Johannesburg and is currently based between South Africa and Los Angeles. Natasha was singing, dancing and acting from a very early age. Being the daughter of successful South African theatre producer, Richard Loring, she grew up in and around the Entertainment industry and has always been passionate about performing and telling stories.

She got her first local break, cast as the romantic lead in a South African feature film, HITCHHIKER, while still at school. She went on to study at AFDA Cape Town and soon after was cast in the Sony Film, THE NATALEE HOLLOWAY STORY, for the Lifetime Movie Network. The production became the highest rated movie in the network’s 11-year history and received a Prism Award.

Highlights from her Film and TV work include: 

- Working with Director and Executive Producer, Alik Sakharov (Sopranos, Ozark) for her role in APPLE TV's Invasion.

- Lead in the E4 series, BEAVER FALLS in the UK (where she resided for 3 years)

- BBC’s WOMEN IN LOVE with Rosamund Pike.

- Film Premiere at the prestigious Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for BROKEN STAR, alongside Analeigh Tipton.

- Pathé feature ZULU with Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker (closing film at 2013 Cannes Film Festival.)

- StudioCanal feature, THE DINOSAUR PROJECT, with worldwide cinema release.

In Los Angeles, Natasha is actively sought after for her skill in voicing video game characters. Notable performances include: STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC; TELLTALE’S GAME OF THRONES; LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, CALL OF DUTY and MINECRAFT STORY MODE. At the 2018 SOVAS Awards In Los Angeles, Natasha was nominated for “Best Voice Over” in video game, TACOMA.

Natasha dreams of opening a production company one day to fund passion projects, whilst continuing to act, write and travel the world.

Natasha can currently be seen in the Showmax Original drama, DAM, which was shot in the Eastern Cape, as well as  INVASION S2 on APPLE TV (releasing August 2023).

For bookings or more information on Natasha, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

For bookings or more information on Natasha, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Natasha Loring - English American Accent - Animation
Natasha Loring - English American Accent - Young Adult
Natasha Loring - English American Accent - Corporate
Natasha Loring - English British Accent - Character
Natasha Loring - English - Conversational Showcase 1
Natasha Loring - English - Conversational Showcase 2
Natasha Loring - English - Real South African Accent
Natasha Loring - English - Bright 1
Natasha Loring - English - Conversational
Natasha Loring - English - Dramatic
Natasha Loring - English Audio Book - The Alchemist - OSM Talent
Natasha Loring - English Audio Book - Zoo City Lauren Beukes - OSM Talent
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Refiloe ‘Fifi’ Khoali

Refiloe 'Fifi' Khoali

Refiloe Khoali aka ‘Fifi’ is a self-professed radioholic from a small town called Nigel in the East Rand. She’s been working in the radio industry on the mic and behind the scenes for more than 15 years, so to say she lives and breathes radio is spot on! Fifi has always been passionate about media and has carved her career around that passion, she’s a senior copywriter and heads up production at one of SA’s commercial radio stations. Her first voice over gig was at 17 years old and she’s been hooked ever since. Fifi’s experience as a copywriter makes her easy to work with as she knows what is expected of her and takes direction well, plus she’s versatile!

FUN FACT: She was once a record holder for the longest radio show (57 hours)

For bookings or more information on Refiloe, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - English Bright
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - English Bright 2
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - English Conversational 1
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - English Conversational 2
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - English Corporate
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - Corporate 2
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - Corporate 3
Refiloe KhoaliRefiloe 'Fifi' Khoali - English HardSell
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Elma Akob

Elma Akob

Elma is a dynamic young woman who strives to be the change she wants to see in the World. She is a young and vibrant Bcom Law Graduate and Communication Management Honours student at the University of Pretoria. An advocate for women empowerment, a Pan African citizen and a Voice To Be reckoned with. She has made the Gradstar's Top 100 employable graduates list for the years 2019 and 2020 and is an Ambassador for SA Start Up Awards.

Her Public speaking and presenting career started at a very young age as she represented her province in various public speaking as well as debating championships. In 2015 she made it to the Toastmasters Public Speaking National Championships. At age 16 she was selected to represent the Continent for the Global Young leaders Conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. There she received a standing ovation for her closing speech titled “Dare to Dream”. For her selection as the Chairperson of the UN she was honoured with an invitation from President Barack Obama to attend the inauguration of the incoming President of the United States

At age 17 she received a Barclays Africa scholarship for leadership potential and academic excellence. At age 18 she became the president of Golden Key International Honours Society UP chapter, leading over 20 000 members mostly older than herself. At age 19 she sat on the judging panel of the National Public Speaking and Debating Championships Highschool division. At age 20 she completed a Bcom Law degree and received a Mastercard Foundation scholarship developing Africa’s next generation of leaders for her honours degree in Communication Management. In the same year she also became the President of the UP International student's society. Her lifelong dream is to be the Chairperson of the African Union and believes anything is possible if you “Dare To Dream”

She is a motivational speaker who has given multiple Keynote addresses for the likes of Women Leaders SA, KZN Women in Business Breakfast, Golden Key South Africa, and Hillcrest Primary school etc. She is also an MC who has MC’s for TedX talk, University of Pretoria, Women Achievers Awards.

Elma is a dedicated and devoted young lady who strives for excellence in all spheres of life and her people skills make her a pleasure to work with.

For bookings or more information on Elma, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent

Elma Akob - English Bright
Elma Akob - English British Accent
Elma Akob - English Conversational - OSM Talent
Elma Akob - English Conversational 2
Elma Akob - English Corporate
Elma Akob - English Dramatic
Elma Akob - English Hard Sell
Elma Akob - English Intimate
Elma Akob - English Soft Sell
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Celia Ncalane – CPT

Celia Ncalane - CPT

Celia Ncalane, graduated from Wits University with an Honours degree in Bachelor of Arts and received distinctions in, Screen Writing, Drama and Education facilitation. Whilst a student, Celia represented Wits University as an actor, twice at the National Grahamstown Arts Festival.

She then began her career in 2006 as a presenter for 34 Degree's South on the Hope Channel for a year. The following year she worked behind the camera as a producer and scriptwriter for a production company that produced documentaries for Sabc 1 and 2.

In 2008, she was then chosen to be a presenter for a motivational program on Sabc 3, called ‘Stand-Up’. Since then she has acted in films, a television drama and comedy such as  ‘Stokvel’ and over the past ten years she has performed in numerous commercials for South Africa and the rest of the African continent for brands such as MTN, Orange, Royco, Purity and others.

As a professional voice over artist, she has promoted brands, such as Clicks, Checkers, @Home, Homechoice and Woolworths just to name a few. She has especially enjoyed, working as a children's storyteller and presenter for SAFM from 2014 to 2016 on a show called ‘Nali Bali’.

A definite honour for her was being chosen to announce the passing of the first black President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela on national radio; for two weeks encouraging the country to reflect upon his life and the values he inspired in us all.

Celia is a Zulu women, who is cheerful, peaceful and has a driven, never give up attitude, behind and in front of the camera.

For bookings or more information on Celia, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Celia Ncalane - English Bright - OSM talent
Celia Ncalane - English Conversational - OSM talent
Celia Ncalane - English Dramatic - OSM talent
Celia Ncalane - English Hardsell 1 - OSM talent
Celia Ncalane - Hard Sell (2) - OSM talent
Celia Ncalane - English Hardsell 3 - OSM talent
Celia Ncalane - Zulu Hard Sell - OSM Talent
Celia Ncalane - Zulu Intimate - OSM talent
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