Mukundwa Katuliiba

Mukundwa wears many creative hats as a voice actor, digital content creator and podcast host. Ugandan born, raised in Swaziland, South Africa and Switzerland, her multicultural upbringing nurtured an irrevocable love for storytelling – which she formalised with a degree in Film and Theatre in England. Her versatile accents and styles have allowed her to work with several high profile clients like UNISA, Avis, MTN and DSTV, and lent her East African accent to international campaigns for organisations like UNFPA, ICPD and Plan International.

Mukundwa’s ethic in voice acting is to elevate her clients’ stories through the kind of nuance, perfection and attention to detail that separates the good from the great.

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Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Corporate
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Corporate 2
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Hardsell
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Intimate
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English Softsell
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English East African Accent Conversational
Mukundwa Katuliiba - English East African Accent Corporate