Siya Ngxambuza

Siya Ngxambuza

Siya Ngxambuza is a copywriter, voice-over artist and published poet who has a passion for animation and writing children’s books.

Before her work as a voice-over artist, she is a journalism graduate that branched into broadcast media and worked as a news anchor for community radio stations such as Rainbow FM and Chai FM.

She made her acting debut in a children’s theatre production in 2016 and an appearance in the South African film Red Cargo. With over five years of experience behind the mic, her bubbly and quirky personality adds to each delivery.

For bookings or more information on Siya, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Bright - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Bright 2 - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Conversational 1 - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Conversational 2 - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Corporate - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Intimate - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Intimate 2 - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Skill Promo - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Soft Sell - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Soft Sell 2 - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - English Storyteller - OSM Talent
Siyabonga Ngxambuza - Xhosa Showcase - OSM Talent
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Kuthula Siboto

Kuthula Siboto

KuthulakweNkosi “Katt Daddy” Siboto is a 29-year-old musician and voice over artist from kuQumbu in the Eastern Cape. He is the youngest of 4 children and grew up in Port Elizabeth. He left Port Elizabeth when he was 19 to pursue music in Cape Town where he spent 4 years working in retail, being a waiter, a bartender and selling clothes to fund his career as rapper “Katt Daddy”. He then met his partner, Yoza Mnyanda, and together they started a music duo called “Darkie Fiction”, making music influenced by Kwaito, Afro-funk, Neo-soul and Hip-Hop.

While in Cape Town he was introduced to voice overs, this changed the course of his life. In his last year there, Kuthula, got his first big voice over opportunity. In 2018, He decided to use his earnings to move to Johannesburg with his partner to take their music career further.He is now a father to a beautiful baby girl, his music career is still on the rise and his voice has graced many stages, tv channels and radio stations.

For bookings or more information on Kuthula, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Kuthula Siboto - English Bright
Kuthula Siboto - English Conversational
Kuthula Siboto - English Conversational 1
Kuthula Siboto - English Conversational 2
Kuthula Siboto - English Corporate
Kuthula Siboto - English Hard Sell
Kuthula Siboto - English Intimate
Kuthula Siboto - English Skill Promo Bright
Kuthula Siboto - English Soft Sell
Kuthula Siboto - Xhosa Conversational
Kuthula Siboto - Xhosa Soft Sell
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Mvelisi Mvandaba

Mvelisi Mvandaba

Mvelisi Mvandaba studied through the prestigious Theatre & Performance Honours Degree Program at the University of Cape Town.

At sixteen, Mvelisi booked his first feature film – Spud 3: Learning to Fly alongside international stars Troye Sivan and John Cleese. He has subsequently landed supporting roles on the SABC 1, Penguin Films produced comedy series Forced Love as Lutho as well as featured in the SHOWTIME USA Drama Pariah: The Lives & Death of Sonny Liston directed by Emmy Nominated director, Simon George.

Mvelisi has starred in an array of international and local television commercials, brand films, and has done voice work for some of the country’s biggest brands.

For bookings or more information on Mvelisi, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Autotuned Singing
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Conversational
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Conversational 1
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Conversational 2
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Conversational 3
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Corporate 1
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Corporate 3
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Corporate IVR
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Intimate
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Softsell
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Softsell 1
Mvelisi Mvandaba - English Softsell 2
Mvelisi Mvandaba - Xhosa Conversational
Mvelisi Mvandaba - Xhosa Softsell
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Nambita Ntsabula

Nambita Nstaluba

Nams Ntsaluba is an Actress and Producer from the Eastern Cape. She has a degree in Drama from Rhodes University and an Honours Degree in Film Producing from AFDA.

She has significant experience in production and has an intimate understanding of the production process which enhances her capabilities as a performer. She is a professional who takes direction very well and brings a warm and light presence wherever she goes.

For bookings or more information on Nambita, please, get in contact with an agent at Owen S. Management on 011 483 0940 / [email protected] 

Nambita Ntsaluba - English Conversational
Nambita Ntsaluba - English Corporate
Nambita Ntsaluba - English Intimate
Nambita Ntsaluba - English Intimate 2
Nambita Ntsaluba - Xhosa Intimate
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Phumi Mncayi

Phumi Mncayi

Phumi Mncayi is a versatile performer & entrepreneur, who holds degrees in Drama, Musical Theatre, Radio & Television Presenting, from the Trinity college of London (Through the Waterfront Theatre school) under the mentorship of Delia Sainsbury & the late Keith Galloway! He is also a well-established voice over artist for radio and television.

He’s hosted and facilitated events and corporate functions on many South African Stages & even recently M.C-Ing in the Seychelles!

Phumi’s most notable performance achievements include playing the role of the iconic Shaka Zulu in the very first “Shaka Zulu, the musical” (2010) at the South African State Theatre. He played a lead role in an Anglo Gold original South African Musical, “Streets of Gold” at the Gold Reef Lyric theatre (2011).

He’s been seen on our television screens as the face & presenter of the National Lottery gameshow; “Wins Manje”(on SABC 1) as well as presenting Mnet's “Magic to the Max.”

He's acted in several dramas local and international & in 2010 landed a recurring role in the popular South African Soapie; “Rhythm City” (as A.J Pitso).

2012 also saw him add to his local television accolades with a leading role (as Ndumiso) in the SABC 1 Romcom drama series - “Dreamworld”, for which he obtained a SAFTA (Soth African Film and Television Award) nomination for best male support in a drama. Due to high viewership ratings, the series was commissioned to air its 13 part second season, in May 2016.

In April 2016 Phumi Mncayi was also honoured with a Naledi Theatre Award in the category of "Best Support/Featured Performance" in a musical for his portrayal of the role of “Curtis” in the Hit Musical “Sister Act” which showed at the Joburg Theatre in 2015.

2016 has seen him play a supporting role in Luigi Pirandello’s “Six Characters In Search Of An Author” at the Market Theatre, as well as playing the role of Jay Langheart in the musical; “Saturday Night Fever” at the South African State Theatre and due to play a lead role in the hit musical “The Colour Purple”, premiering at the Joburg Theatre in February 2018.

For bookings or more information on Phumi, please get in contact with an agent at Owen S. Management on 011 483 0940 / [email protected].

Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - English Bright
Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - English Bright 2
Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - English Conversational
Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - English Conversational 2
Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - English Corporate 2
Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - English Corporate 3
Phumi Mncayi - English Hardsell
Phumi MncayiPhumi Mncayi - Xhosa Softsell
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Lutho John

Lutho John

Lutho John is a South African entertainer, television presenter, voice artist and entrepreneur best known for hosting the SABC1 shows Harambe (2010) and Spirit Sundae, since 2012.

Born and buttered in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - at age 17, Lutho matriculated from Alexander Road High School, where he achieved Full Colours for Drama and Public Speaking before exiting with distinctions in Speech & Drama and Travel and Tourism.

After completing high school he enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology where he honed his artistic talents studying for an undergraduate NDip: Musical Theatre (Singing, Acting, Dancing) and ultimately graduating with a BTech Degree in Musical Theatre majoring in Performance and Directing.

Since graduating Lutho John has performed in live productions and musical theatre shows at venues such as the Joburg Civic Theatre, Montecasino, Lyric Theatre, Wits Theatre and the Breytenbach Theatre. A trained dancer in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and African dance, he has worked with numerous well-known South African performers including Bianca Le Grange, Fiona Ramsay, David Dennis, Amor Vittone and Tumisho Masha, amongst others in productions such as Snow White, Pinnochio, Streets of Gold, Sweet Charity, Ragtime and Urintown.
He has MCed roadshows, events and appeared in a host of speaking engagements across South Africa such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola, Department of Education, HDI Youth Marketeers, The JD Group, Sanlam, Rand Easter Show, SABC Education, Eastern Cape Commission, Department of Education, Vaya Mzansi... to name but a few.

As a voice over artist, Lutho has used his vocal abilities to narrate television documentary films, commercials, training videos, on-air promotions, Internet, IVRs, corporate communications and brought multiple other stories to life. His baritone strong voice dipped with good diction, characterisation, inflection, tone and microphone technique has seen him emerge as one of the few voice artists in his age group who has consistently worked as a voice over announcer. From 2014 - 2015 Lutho John was the official voice of Telkom South Africa.

For bookings or more information on Lutho, please get in contact with an agent at Owen S. Management on 011 483 0940 / [email protected].

Lutho John - Afrikaans Intimate
Lutho John - English Conversational 1
Lutho John - English Conversational 2
Lutho John - English Corporate 1
Lutho John - English Corporate 2
Lutho John - English Corporate 3
Lutho John - English Intimate
Lutho John - English Softsell 1
Lutho John - Xhosa Conversational
Lutho John - Xhosa Hardsell
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Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda is a born creative and her creativity spans far and wide earning her the title of ‘Jack of all Trades’ in the entertainment industry. A purposeful and driven woman, Thembisa strengthened her knowledge adding to her creative streak. This wonder woman has three degrees in her handbag (Graphic Design, Hon.Dramatic Arts, Media Studies and Journalism) and she is not planning on stopping there.

From journalism, writing, radio and television presenting to acting, Thembisa has done it all and with flying colours. It is to be expected for someone who has creativity streaming through their blood. Thembisa’s talent as an entertainer means she is able to step into any role and bring a character to life that had previously only existed on paper. With versatility and adaptability, Thembisa can do it all, from behind-the-scenes to the stage and the big or small screens.

Of all the talents Thembisa possesses, she highlights her best career as being a mother. Family is very dear to Thembisa’s heart and it is with her family that she developed a love for the great outdoors and seeking adventure from the mountain trails to the lines of fishing rods. The dust and the hands of Mother Nature have not deviated Thembisa Mdoda from her interest in fashion, beauty, health and fitness.

A woman of substance, Thembisa also acts on her passion for youth development and women’s rights by working with and sitting on the board of Ambassadors Youth and Community Development (AYCD).

With beauty, brains and talent, Thembisa Mdoda lives in colour and walks to the sound of her own tune.

For bookings or more information on Thembisa, please get in contact with an agent at Owen S. Management on 011 483 0940 / [email protected].

Thembisa Mdoda - English Bright
Thembisa Mdoda - English Corporate
Thembisa Mdoda - English Intimate
Thembisa Mdoda - English Skill Promo
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Talitha Ndima

Talitha Ndima

Born on April 10, 1983, Talitha is a South African actress who has starred in many TV series. She graduated from the South African school of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA) with a Bachelor of Arts and Live Performance degree.

Though Talitha is best known for her role as Constable Thandeka Moloi in the Afrikaans drama series; Erfsondes (Sins of Our Fathers), she has also appeared in the Mzansi Magic sitcom - It's For Life in 2011, a SABC 1 mini-series - Society and the SABC 3 sitcom - Font, amongst others.

Talitha takes her acting talent and translates this to giving an excellent performance behind the mic doing voice overs. Talitha is fluent in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa and can deliver in a variety of voice over styles.

For bookings or more information on Talitha, please get in contact with an agent at Owen S. Management on 011 483 0940 / [email protected].

Talitha Ndima - English Bright
Talitha Ndima - English Bright 1
Talitha Ndima - English Conversational
Talitha Ndima - English Corporate
Talitha Ndima - English Skill Promo
Talitha Ndima - English Softsell 2
Talitha Ndima - Xhosa Conversational
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Sibaphiwe ‘Sibs’ Matiyela

Sibaphiwe 'Sibs' Matiyela

Sibaphiwe “Sibs” Matiyela is a radio presenter, news anchor, podcaster, producer, writer and bilingual (English & Xhosa) VO artist.

After graduating from Rhodes University with an Honours degree in Politics and International Studies, this broadcaster by profession elected to change the world by pursuing a career in radio which spans over an incredibly exciting and wild decade rocking the mic on regional and national platforms.

Sibs has a voice of velvet, complimented by a wide, versatile and unique range. She is a joy to direct and it is no lie nor is it any wonder she is referred to as a “One Take Wonder” by those who have had the pleasure of working with her.  She is a consummate professional and inexorable talent in the booth.

For bookings or more information on Sibs, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Sibaphiwe MatiyelaSibs Matiyela - English Bright
Sibaphiwe MatiyelaSibs Matiyela - English Conversational
Sibaphiwe MatiyelaSibs Matiyela - English Corporate 1
Sibaphiwe MatiyelaSibs Matiyela - English Corporate 2
Sibaphiwe MatiyelaSibs Matiyela - English Intimate
Sibs Matiyela - Xhosa Hard Sell Showcase
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Nolly Meje

Noluthando "Nolly" Meje

Noluthando ‘Nolly’ Meje Nqayi is one of the countries most loved and sought after celebrities – having spent over a decade as a leading actress, television presenter, model, singer and songwriter.

Having cut her teeth as a Top 12 finalist on the ‘Idols’ reality series in 2003, Nolly was catapulted into the spotlight. She would later return to the competition in 2011, where she would reach Top 10 status.

Since the age of five Nolly has been on television in various capacities. She has acted in numerous drama series’ including ‘Shooting Stars’, ‘HomeAffairs’’ and ‘The Interrogation Room’. Nolly has also presented the TV shows ‘Destination SA’ and ‘What’s Your Story?’ Nolly comes alive in front of the camera and whether she’s holding a microphone and singing or presenting or reciting lines, she delivers like a true star.

In December 2008 Nolly hosted the third season of the SABC 2 youth talk show ‘Keep It Real’. She later joined the SABC 1 reality dance competition show ‘Jam Alley’ (Crew vs. Crew) as a co-host and in the same year became one of the starring cast members of the SABC 3 satirical sketch comedy series ‘Sketch U Later’.  In 2012 Nolly hosted Turn It Out on SABC 1 and was nominated for a Metro Award the following year. She currently plays Faith, a lead role in the Afrikaans drama series ‘Swartwater’.

Despite her busy acting and presenting schedule, Nolly continues to record her own music and release her songs publicly. This is one aspect of her career that will always be important to her and she plans on recording a new album in the near future.

Also a highly sought-after and formidable voice over artist in both English and Xhosa, Nolly is able to deliver in a variety of voice over styles and is the ultimate professional in studio.

For bookings or more information on Nolly, please get in contact with an agent at Owen S. Management on 011 483 0940 / [email protected].

Noluthando MejeNolly Meje - English Bright
Noluthando MejeNolly Meje - English Conversational
Noluthando MejeNolly Meje - English Corporate 1
Noluthando MejeNolly Meje - English Corporate 2
Noluthando MejeNolly Meje - English Intimate
Nolly Meje - Xhosa Conversational
Noluthando MejeNolly Meje - Xhosa Conversational 2
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