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Q & A With Wayne Van Rooyen On ‘Stokkies’ On E-TV’s Scandal

You play the role of ‘Stokkies’ on E-TV’s Scandal. Can you tell us a little more about the character?

Vernon ‘Stokkies’ Jacobs is a convict. His dark past has landed him in prison and he clearly has regrets about it. He wants nothing more than to get out of prison and make amends with his Parents. He is described as an eager to please, somewhat subservient and sniveling man on crutches. ‘Stokkies’is a survivor and the voice of information in Prison. Anyone needs to know something, ‘Stokkies’ is the man to go to.

Clearly the character you play is far from who you are as a person. How do you get into character and prepare for shooting?

A lot of the preparation is done at home. Once I get to set, I literally put on ‘Stokkies’s’ shoes and.. voila!

What’s it like working on the Scandal set?

We usually have a lot to get through in a day. Things can get quite tense because sometimes we run the risk of not completing the scheduled work for that day. I love the fact the we never forget to have fun and laugh on the Scandal set. We also have a great Cast and Crew, check out We are all in it, to win it.

What kind of comments do your receive about ‘Stokkies’ from the public?

The public seems to enjoy it when ‘Stokkies’ refers to ‘Lucas Nyathi’ as ‘Mr Nyathi Sir’. They also really seem to like him. I guess everyone likes rooting for the underdog. The person who always seems to have the odds stacked against them.

As an actor- what would be your wish for your role in the future?

I would like to see ‘Stokkies’ win at something. Drop his guard. It would also be great to see him get released from Prison.