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Nobathembu Kinalma Bashman On Voice Overs….

What do you love about voice work?
I love that I get to work with such a diverse clientele and truly use my talent – a marvel at what some would think is so easy – it’s not. But a love and passion for it gives one all the needed aspects to make it look or should I say sound easy (lol)

How do you prepare for a session?

Because voice work is most times immediate and with not much time between the actual booking and recording we don’t get a lot of time to prepare. But when we do get those few hours, day or so to prepare, I like to steam…yes. Helps clear the sinuses and and other few secrets I’ll keep to myself to always work with a crisp clean and clear voice (Muhahahahaha!

Have you a ‘proudest voice’ to date?

Without sounding too sentimental and cliche, every single booking that I get to fulfill with a recording session that goes on Telly behind an advert or radio advert is a proud moment. There are many artists, but for clients to pick me, with so many different products I’m trusted to “sell” I’m proud every time I hear an advert or see a tv advert with my voice on. It’s a blessing to live your passion and showcase your talent every single day! I’m truly blessed.

What’s your favourite delivery?

When I started about 10 years ago I would have said a corporate delivery was my absolute fav. But over the years I’ve learnt to love all the other different styles too, bright, soft and hard sell, character voices and brand match sessions because I realized loving my comfort zone (corporate) was a way of unknowingly boxing myself in and not allowing myself to grow as a diverse and capable artist.

Do you look up to any other SA voice artists in particular, and why?

I look up to people like Zam Nkosi, Tony Ndoro, Simphiwe Nkosi and Jannes Eiselen. They all represent artistry and a consistent effort in perfecting ones’ art to gain respect, sustainability and most importantly longevity in the industry. Their different manner in how they conduct themselves at sessions, the deliveries – how good they are in taking direction and just little big things like being multilingual and able to match different brands with their ability to voice in different styles.