Tsheko Mosito

Born and raised in Soweto Diepkloof, Mmatsheko or “Tsheko” Mosito as she’s known studied a media studies course majoring in radio and journalism.

Catch her live on air every weekday between 09:00 and 12:00 for “The Collective” on Radio 2000!

Tsheko is not only a radio jock who sounds wise beyond her years, she’s is also one very passionate entrepreneur in the SA fashion space.

Amongst some of her many passions is seeing African fashion designers grow and seeing African music reaching for world domination. She also has the burning desire to be a philanthropist some day.

Tsheko has previously worked as a Radio presenter and Radio content producer for the weekday breakfast show on a popular youth radio station.

Watch out for this young lady because she isn’t going to stop here!

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