Taryn Louch

The words vivacious and vigorous aptly encapsulate who Taryn Louch is. She is fuelled by passion, and it’s the main ingredient she puts into everything she does.

Taryn is a Consummate Entertainer – an Emcee, Actress, Singer, Writer, Director, Radio Personality, Voice-over Artist and Comedienne. She has painted an illustrious vocation in Voice Over Artistry and Jingles.

Representing eminent brands, her sound can be heard on an International sphere, displaying her dynamism, when it comes to Accents, Languages and Dialects.

She speaks English, Greek, French and Afrikaans.

She hosted Good Hope FM’S FullHouse, a weekend breakfast show bringing listeners good music, life, culture, Cape Town and beyond, together with her co-host Lalla Hirayama.

Maya Angelou is one of her greatest inspirations, and she lives by the mantra: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Taryn Louch - English (American Accent) Conversational
Taryn Louch - English (American Accent) Corporate
Taryn Louch - English Bright 1
Taryn Louch - English Bright 2
Taryn Louch - English Conversational 1
Taryn Louch - English Conversational 2
Taryn Louch - English (Greek Accent) Conversational
Taryn Louch - English Corporate
Taryn Louch - English Hardsell
Taryn Louch - English (French Accent) Intimate