Gord Laws

Gord Laws is a voice-actor, radio personality, public speaker and internet comic with a decade’s experience talking into microphones for love, money and laughs.

Gord is best known for both his straight, bright, hard and soft-sell deliveries, as well as his extensive range of character voices, including his widely used “Movie Guy” and “Joburg Boytjie” deliveries, among numerous others. His ability to improv’ these characters adds a unique aspect to his skill-set.

Gord is also an award-winning Creative Director with a deep love for writing and producing radio advertising. He was also the Features Editor of FHM Magazine from 2003 to 2010. When he’s not working, he dabbles in cartooning and performs as a freestyle drum n’ bass rapper. He also loves cats.

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Gord Laws - English Bright
Gord Laws - English Conversational
Gord Laws - English Dramatic
Gord Laws - English Hardsell
Gord Laws - English Showcase Accents
Gord Laws - English Softsell