Diliza Madinga

Ambitious, driven, hardworking and with loads of natural talent, Diliza Madinga is a 27 year old medical doctor from the Eastern Cape.

After graduating with his medical degree from the University of Cape Town in 2014 and working for the public health department for almost 2 years, Diliza decided to embrace his talents and passion for the entertainment industry which had been put on hold for several years. He has now decided to take a break from medical practice and to go full-throttle into the entertainment industry.

A talented rapper, he spends his free time writing lyrics and recording music which gives him a natural advantage in the voice-over industry. He also spends time building business opportunities, playing soccer and participates in various charitable endeavours.

Although he is new in the entertainment industry,  he does have a well known comedian as a brother; Loyiso Madinga, whom he has learn a lot from. Diliza approaches every challenge with hard work, determination and pure enthusiasm.

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