Asher Stoltz

Born and bred in Johannesburg, Asher Stoltz is a director, writer, actor and voice-artist. He studied theatre at Wits University, but developed a love for film and television. So much so that he co-wrote, co -produced and starred in the world’s fastest film ever made – Shotgun Garfunkel- in 2013.

Asher, most notably seen in denim shorts in the Vodacom Single Ladies Campaign, is, first and foremost a stage lover. It is this love of the theatre that has culminated in a Naledi nomination in the category of best supporting actor, for his role in Pterodactyls.

During the past couple of years Asher has been focusing on the company he co-founded, TeamBest, where he has been wrapped up in executive producing and directing commercials.

Due to Asher’s well-rounded voice, he has been consistently booking voice overs for radio and television commercials since 2009. His voice styles include; conversational, warm, hard sell, soft sell, high energy, dry and comic. Asher’s accents include; South African English, British, Australian and various American (neutral, New York Bronx/Brooklyn, Mobster, California.)

For bookings or more information on Asher, please get in contact with an agent at OSM Talent.

Asher Stoltz - English Character Australian Accent
Asher Stoltz - English Character British Stiff Upperlip
Asher Stoltz - English Character Cartoon
Asher Stoltz - English Character Mobster
Asher Stoltz - English Character New York Brooklyn
Asher Stoltz - English Character Old British Man
Asher Stoltz - English Conversational 1
Asher Stoltz - English Conversational 2
Asher Stoltz - English Conversational 3
Asher Stoltz - English Conversational